About Us

The Emergency Plumbers was founded in 2006 in Akron. We offer professional plumbing and heating services and sales. We do both residential and commercial projects that involve new construction, remodelling and service work.

Gazza and Shazza Gency, the owners, live in Cairns, with their three young children. Gazza and Shazza love Cairns and could not imagine living or working anywhere else. They enjoy sharing and helping others create their dream homes here.

Gazza Gency is licensed with the State of Ohio as a Master Plumber, Master Oil Burner Technician and Gas Technician. He has been working in the plumbing and heating field since 1998. Gazza takes great pride in his work and looks at each project as a unique piece of art. He is detail-oriented and 100% committed to making sure each customer is satisfied.

Shazza Gency has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Ohio University. She is the office manager of the company and assists Gazza with plumbing and heating sales. Shazza enjoys doing research on plumbing and heating and is knowledgeable on the latest trends and styles in the plumbing and heating industry.

Our Technicians are licensed in the State of Ohio and are always up to date with the latest industry codes and standards. We have licensed plumbers, heating technicians and gas technicians that are all committed to providing excellent quality service.